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Top 10 Wind Energy Installations In The World – Mention In List

Wind power is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources these days. This can be used in both commercial and application as well, So increasing concerns over energy security and carbon emission issues. Whereas, there has been a significant increase in the preference of renewable and nuclear sources for power generation. Nowadays increasing energy demand in several developing countries, therefore, becomes more significant for energy sources. As per the report of

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List Of Top 10 Wind Energy Installations In The World

Nordex Acciona

The above the city situated in Germany, Nordex has been supplying since 1985. Whereas, the company installed the largest series of wind turbines in the world at the time. The company saw a large growth in the 1990s, entering the MW class in 1995. In fact, it is one of the popular world leaders in the wind which focus on reliability, quality ongoing service, and a wide range of offerings wind energy installations in the world.

Ming Yang

Ming Yang situated in China waits for a ratio of 3.7 %. Whereas it is the largest private wind turbine manufacturer in China known as Ming Yang which is a major player in the world of wind. Founded in 2006. Its first turbines went into production in 2007. The company’s stock skyrocketed earlier this year, therefore it is getting major support from Chinese power companies.

United Power

China became one of the world’s most supplier wind energy sources through its powerful techniques. United Power is a state-owned Chinese wind company with a ratio of 3.9%. It is one of the best for which it has been a world leader for several years. The company’s headquarter are located in Beijing, has several subsidiaries underneath it. Also, this company has a diverse turbine portfolio which has to allow it to deploy its turbines in a variety of settings.


Gamesa is a big name with a ratio of 4.6%. When it comes to wind this company has 30,000 MW which is installed in 45 countries. Also, they have offered comprehensive maintenance and service for 19,500 MW worth of turbines. Also, it consists of two biggest markets which are the home country of Spain and the energy market of China. Gamesa is very popular for internationally focused as 88% of its sales come from outside of Spain. Also, it is a unique statement to the country for its partnership with universities.

GE Renewable

This company is one of the trustable sources for wind energy with a ration of  4.9%. It is situated in the U.S.GE is majorly focused on innovation within the wind Also, it is very proud of its turbines in which its 2-3 MW platform produces the highest annual energy. They had provided more than 16,500 turbines deployed worldwide. So, it’s no surprise that GE is one of the largest wind companies out there.

Sulzon Group

Sulzan company one of the reliable sources with a ratio of 6.3%. Whereas, it views itself as more than a wind company also it believes it is a champion of renewable energy. As well as it is leading the charge for wind in India in which the company operates on 6 continents and it is situated in Antarctica. Also, it is famous for its wide range of turbine size which is spread from 600 kW to its 6.15 MW offshore turbine.

Alta Wind Energy Centre

This energy center is established in 2011 which is situated in Tehachapi, Kern County, California. Alta consists of 100 GE 1.5MW SLE turbines with other six operational stages are installed with Vestas V 90-3.0MW turbines. Whereas, their wind farm was originally developed by Terra-Gen Power and then the company later redistributed various stages of the project.

Muppandal Wind Farm

This wind farm is the biggest onshore wind farm in India. Whereas, it consists of a group of wind farms in the Kanyakumari district. Muppandal features have a vast amount of barren land which is not fit for cultivation but boasts of high-pressure winds making it an ideal location. Also, the project has varying installed capacities and feature turbines from various manufacturers.

Roscoe Wind Farm

Roscoe Wind Farm is owned and operated by a Germany-based company. Whereas, it is located in 45 miles south-west of Abilene in Texas, US. The 781.5MW wind farm comprises 627 wind turbines placed 900ft apart from each other. The wind farm comprises 209 Mitsubishi 1MW turbines and the second phase is installed with 55 Siemens. So on the third and the fourth phases feature 166 GE 1.5MW and 197 Mitsubishi.

Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm

This wind farm is located in Coke counties, Texas, US. It is an onshore wind farm that owns and operated by NextEra Energy Resources. Whereas, It was built in two phases in February 2012 by Energy Financial Services and JPMorgan Chase. It has more than 260ft-tall from the ground to the center which can generate powers more than 220,000 households.

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