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Top 10 Solar Energy Projects In the World – Get The List Below

Solar Energy Projects

Solar Power is the fastest-growing energy source from which every country is making there place solar control. In the world, every country is producing solar energy in which China, India and the US, with the Middle East coming strong. Whereas, the list of large utility-scale solar projects worldwide is getting longer. The world has a list of large utility-scale Solar Energy Projects are worldwide is getting longer. Also, solar also play a big part as an attractive investment for renewable developers. Here are a few incredible projects to provide some inspiration all depends on which countries get the maximum and optimum irradiation. In this article, we are listing Top 10 Solar Energy Projects In the World.

Top 10 Solar Energy Projects In the World

Noor Complex Solar Power Plant

This solar power farm is the largest concentrated solar power plant in the world which is located in the Sahara desert. The project has a capacity of  580-megawatt which is estimated to provide electricity to more than one million people. The farm is also very popular so that it allows students for industrial visits. Noor Complex Solar Power Plant located in the Draa-Tafilalet region in Morocco.

Solar Star Projects

Solar star Project is one of the largest power projects in the world. It is situated in the Kern and Los Angeles counties in California. Whereas, it has the capacity to generate enough electricity to power around 255,000 homes. This farm sells the electricity to Southern California Edison under two long-term power purchase.

Copper Mountain Solar Facility

The Copper Mountain Solar Facility is located in Boulder City in Nevada. It was built in December 2010 and it provides 458 MW of electricity serving around 18,000 homes annually. Whereas, the farm provides nearly one million PV solar panels and covers 1.8sq km of land which also looks great in view.

Charanka Solar Park

This farm is also one of the most popular and largest power projects in the North of India. Charanka Solar Park is a 345MW installation that forms part of the 600 MW with a collaboration between 21 companies. This farm is spread across 5,000 acres within the 20.2sq km of desert land. Also, it has 500 MW of generation capacity of both solar and wind energy with massive power.

Cestas Solar Farm

Cestas Solar Farm is situated in  Bordeaux, France. It is the largest solar PV plant with a 300 MW capacity in Europe. Whereas The project has taken a huge cost of €360 million which can develop power for 300,000 homes. The project was built in October 2015 while covering 2.5sq km. The solar farm is connected to France’s high voltage network which provides electricity across the country.

Agua Caliente Solar

This Solar Project is located in the city of Yuma, Arizona. It provides 290MW PV power which can easily light up to 100,000 homes which is equal to equal to taking 40,000 cars off the road. Whereas, it has a unique design in which you can control remotely from First Solar’s operation center.

Longyangxia Dam Solar Park

This Solar Park is one of the largest solar parks in the world which is situated in China’s Qinghai. The park is covered in 27 square kilometers. The main purposes of this park are the hydroelectric power generation, irrigation, ice control, and flood control.

Moura photovoltaic power station

This power station is located in the municipality of Moura, Portuga. The total cost of €250 million for the power station which is most popular in the country. Whereas, it has a capacity of 46 MWp, counting a total of over 376,000 solar panels.

Puertollano Photovoltaic Park

This power station is situated in Puertollano, Spain. It has a capacity of 50 megawatts which can provide electricity of about 39,000 households that is equivalent to the annual domestic consumption. Also, the power station is the largest Solar Energy project in this country.

Rancho Cielo Solar Farm

This solar farm is the largest proposed solar farm in the United States which is located in New Mexico named Rancho Cielo. Also, It provides 600 MWp which covers an area of 700 acres. Whereas, it has thin-film silicon panels that are built locally.

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