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Top 10 Nuclear Energy Deployments In The World

Nuclear power is worldwide famous which took a major hit in the aftermath of  Nuclear Disaster in 2011. If you don’t know what is nuclear energy? It is one of the cheapest, most efficient, and carbon-friendly forms of energy generation. Everyone is looking for their technology to developing countries as they are looking for a new energy source. Whereas, all nuclear power has remained a viable and important form of energy and one which will be integral to the world over the next fifty years. There are many nuclear power plants that are larger than the fossil fuel plants they supplement or replace. So in this article, we are listing Top 10 Nuclear Energy Deployments In The World. 

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Top 10 Nuclear Energy Deployments In The World


Japan was one of the pre-eminent nuclear energy power. The country generated 30% of its electricity from nuclear and planning to increase it up yo 40%. Whereas, it can provide 17,230 gigawatt-hours supplied by Nuclear electricity. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has recently made a push to adopt this plan to reopen it and construct it.


Finland has some of the most productive reactors in the world. As it doesn’t have four nuclear reactors, but they provide nearly a third of Finland’s electricity. Whereas, it provides 22,063 gigawatt-hours supplied by Nuclear electricity. Also, it is substantially behind schedule and over cost.


Switzerland has the most secure technology after several public referenda on nuclear power. It consists of 24,445 gigawatt-hours supplied by nuclear electricity. In 2011 the Swiss government decided to abandon all plans for new nuclear reactors. Also. it can produce 35.9% of total electricity by nuclear.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the only real solution to a future energy crisis. As nuclear energy is one of the most effective and nuclear has remained popular in the country. However, due to disputes, it is over the government’s future energy. Whereas, it can provide 28,603 gigawatt-hours supplied by Nuclear electricity.


India is currently building 7 new reactors to add to the 20 reactors which are already operating. Whereas, it can provide 29,665 gigawatt-hours supplied by Nuclear electricity. As they are expecting to supply 25% of electricity through nuclear power.  The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty has to develop its technology and fuel sources domestically.


Belgium is one kind of attractive and significant place for tourists. Despite having less population as compared to another country. Moreover, Belgium itself made a record to produce nuclear energy among countries. Belgium is a solo country that produces more than 51% of nuclear energy into the country. Whereas, 38,464 gigawatt-hours supplied by Nuclear electricity.


Spain is well known for its sports level category these days, but now gradually it is increasing all its manpower or economy towards its different region which became more reliable for Spain. Whereas other countries are taking part to produce nuclear energy for their countries. It is also showing his strength into this and keep trying to discover more way. Therefore Nuclear power in Spain has been stagnant for the last twenty years.


Sweden is also becoming a part of producing nuclear energy in its own country. You can find out the strength of this country with this figure i.e 38.1% of total electricity produced by nuclear. Whereas, this nuclear still accounts for 38% of the power generated in the country. Sweden is now upgrading and modernizing older plants at Forsmark and Ringhals and is looking into building new plants to maintain production.

United Kingdom

Nuclear power generation ibn Uk is one of the most popular in the world. Whereas, the closing of old power plants that had aging and maintenance issue. Also, the British government has offered subsidies to attract companies looking to build a new generation of reactors. It can supply 84,886 gigawatt-hours by nuclear electricity.


This power plant is located in Volhynia and South Ukraine. It operates four nuclear power plants with 15 reactors. Whereas, it is one of the largest nuclear plants in Europe with a capacity of 54 gigawatts. Also, it is considered the most harmful nuclear power plant accident in history.

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